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Tara McKee is a sex educator from Toronto, Ontario. In this audiocast she addresses issues surrounding the need for accurate education surrounding sexuality. She makes suggestions regarding negotiating sexual boundaries, and finding woman positive information about sex and also talks about the sexual pressures women face. In the true nature of third wave feminism, she recognizes the diversity of experience among women and encourages women to discover what gives them pleasure and to use this information when playing with a partner.

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Audio Activism

Third wave feminism is characterized by its activism. Although some still argue that there is ‘no third wave’ I see plenty of proof peeking up all over that a re-emergence of feminism is upon us and hopefully this will be accompanied by progress towards gender equality.

Audiocasting is an ideal tool for combining third wave issues with a people’s media. This audiocast addresses some issues surrounding opportunities for activism and one woman’s experience in social justice issues and as a nun.


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What is feminism?

This semester is challenging me to come to terms with this beast called “feminism”. Between papers identifying whether or not suffrage has made a difference in women’s lives to critiquing the third wave I waver between thinking the movement is salvageable and becomeing enthused with reform to seeing the idea as too far gone a struggle and trying to decide how to get where we need to go, and how to include the good parts of feminism while discarding the parts that impede progress. I came across this which speaks strongly to to me although I don’t know if I agree with her.

    “Feminism isn’t an employment agency for women;
    it’s an alternative way of ordering the social space,
    in which women are the prototype rather than men.
    It is based on collaboration rather than competition.
    As a youngster, I still remember my feeling of joy
    that one could look at the earth differently.
    That’s feminism: everything is differently oriented.
    Seeing the same world through different eyes.”
    ~ Ursuala Franklin