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Is being feminist ‘enough’?

When I was an unruly teen my father used to frustrate himself with my determination to always root for the underdog. This has redefined itself in my adulthood as a call to issues of social justice. I feel strongly about issues – in other words – give me an issue and I’ll feel strongly about it. Whether it’s porn on an ipod or fairtrade coffee or debeaking chickens or dealing with feral cats – I’ll carry it with me and it will colour most everything I do.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask that we support more than one cause when possible. Read more »

Canadian Federal Election

We’re up for another federal election in just over a week. The Green Party has chosen not to put up signs this time. Not only are signs an eyesore in the community and a big litter maker post-election (and often during) but they are also doing this in an effort to make a responsible spending choice. What value do signs contribute to people and their environment? Read more »

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