What is feminism?

This semester is challenging me to come to terms with this beast called “feminism”. Between papers identifying whether or not suffrage has made a difference in women’s lives to critiquing the third wave I waver between thinking the movement is salvageable and becomeing enthused with reform to seeing the idea as too far gone a struggle and trying to decide how to get where we need to go, and how to include the good parts of feminism while discarding the parts that impede progress. I came across this which speaks strongly to to me although I don’t know if I agree with her.

    “Feminism isn’t an employment agency for women;
    it’s an alternative way of ordering the social space,
    in which women are the prototype rather than men.
    It is based on collaboration rather than competition.
    As a youngster, I still remember my feeling of joy
    that one could look at the earth differently.
    That’s feminism: everything is differently oriented.
    Seeing the same world through different eyes.”
    ~ Ursuala Franklin

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