This isn’t a gaming blog (or what a waste)

This isn’t wasn’t a gaming blog but I have to state my disappointment with Sony’s latest, just-in-time for xmas release “Kintetic”. I’m not disappointed with the game itself because I haven’t played it yet. I *loved* it at E3 this year, for lots of reasons and spent some time talking with Marc Parry, one of the developers about where I can see the Eyetoy heading. Read all about last summer’s enthusiasm here. I’m anxious to play it – but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I am a very big Eyetoy fan. Antigrav, Play2 and DDR Extreme (1 and 2) all get thumbs up from me for they way they are reshaping gaming (and users).

But the grief: I was doing some shopping yesterday, looking for some suitable gifts for the people I love, and of course trying to indulge my own love of gadgetry at the same time. Browsing the games I saw it: Kinetic has been released. But not just the game. No no no. It’s the game *and* the Eyetoy camera bundled together.

At E3 they said the plan was to bundle the game with a fisheye lens cap for the current Eyetoy. This new game/experience requires the camera to catch the user’s full body, so the old lens won’t do. The idea as I was told was that a cap would fit over the old lens to make it work with Kinetic. Beautiful idea thought I.

But now, no. The salespeople all tell me that the only way I can get this game is to buy an Eyetoy – which I already have. When my house was robbed last summer the Eyetoy was one of the things we really missed and I replaced it rather quickly compared to other things. Before the DDR dancemats even which really suprised me.

The official site claims I can get just the game but what about the lens? The salesperson suggested I buy the bundle and sell or toss my old camera. How wasteful is that?

What happened to the plan people????? How about some information upfront so I can stop digging for it and start playing?



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