When I Need Help Getting Happy

When I need help getting back to feeling good about what I’m doing, I like to read Gendergeek.org’s FAQ page In clear language, they summarize the reasons why we’re doing what we do as feminists:

We would like to live in a world where women weren’t subject to male violence; where work of equal value was paid at an equal rate; where women had real options in respect of work-life balance; where reproductive healthcare didn’t have to be fought and refought for; where women were represented in public office and at senior levels in insitutions; and where economics, jurisprudence, and public policy took cognisance of the realities of women’s lives.

They identify the backlash that comes when people don’t like our actions (this takes the forms of the actual frequently asked questions). The page is like a quick overview and reminder of what I’ve studied in feminist philosophy and epistomology:

So much of claimed rationality is in fact androcentrism masquerading as value-free objective analysis. The idea that an emotional response is inappropriate should in and of itself be interrogated.

Sometimes this is enough to get me back on track when I start to get run down.

Thank you Emma and Emmy. And like I said in the comments to your Buffy piece, welcome to WordPress and great choice of theme.


  1. Sour Duck, 26. February 2006, 13:31

    Yes it’s good isn’t it?

    I skipped the Buffy piece as I’m not into it (the tv show), but will go back and take another look.

    They get alot of debate at the Gendergeek site now in the comments thread. They didn’t used to so much… I think it’s a good sign they’re in the big leagues, perhaps, although it’s hard to tell. It certainly changes the feel.

  2. Emma, 26. February 2006, 14:09

    Why thank you very much!

    I hope that you finish your Buffy post soon, as I’m really keen to read it.


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