Stupid. Custody. Orders.

Their father picked them up this morning for his every-other-weekend and started to pull away from the curb. He paused a few feet up the street and my daughter (12) opened her window and said the youngest (5) forgot to hug me. I could hear him in the back seat saying “Mama – I didn’t get to hug you – – ” And then his dad drove away.

Totally, totally fucked up way to live. I feel it in my stomach, my arms, my eyes, my throat.


  1. Aubrey, 16. September 2006, 10:56

    I’m really sorry mama. I couldn’t imagine but it hurts me too just to think of how you felt. I hope you can somehow enjoy the weekend.

  2. Patti, 10. November 2006, 15:49

    I feel your pain – because my life is just like yours. My former husband is a self-centered bastard as well, and would do anything to “HURT” me, not caring that it is hurting his child as well.

  3. Candace, 10. November 2006, 16:14


    It’s hard, and it sucks, and it’s not how we thought or wanted it to be.