An Idea

I should have thought of this years ago.

When life got busy I quit teaching ballet (and taking lessons and going swing, ballroom, and latin dancing with Rob). Maybe it wasn’t the right decision but I was being torn in too many different directions.

dance instructor with headset mic
flickr photo by www.get-fit-at-home.com

Something had to go and dancing was the piece that didn’t just didn’t belong here.

But yesterday I discovered dance aerobics dvds! Exercise + fun + music + dancing = happy me. I’ve got a bunch requested from the public library (African and Brazilian dance included) and have ordered the New York City Ballet workout, something another dancer I used to know practiced with when she couldn’t make it to classes.

Why didn’t I think of this years ago?

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  1. Big Ed, 22. March 2008, 16:06

    Hey thanks for the comment about dancing and fitness… we are selling the routine of the woman, Monika, you have pictured there on DVD – her routine is the best for fat burning! Check it out here http://www.get-fit-at-home.co.uk/html/merchandise.html


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