zomg writing is hard (or: Beyond Footnotes)

Forget asking how did people write before word processors — how did people ever write without hyperlinking? I’m going crazy trying to write my final essay of the semester without hyperlinks. Aaarrrggghhhh!!!

It would be so sweet to go beyond footnotes, to be able to include a link to a photo or a text or a discussion or another essay. Alas, when your professor is a historian of print and publishing it just ain’t gonna be happenin’ here.


  1. Jeff Schiller, 22. April 2008, 14:06

    Ouch. OOOOUUUCCHH!!!!

  2. leaf, 24. June 2008, 21:15

    It was hell.

    You had to remember to leave room at the bottom of the page… would your footnote fall on this page or the next – and then if your footnotes got too long you’d be squeezing it in on this little fringe at the bottom of the page. If it was really really bad you’d have to retype the entire page.

    I will be eternally thankful for the word processor.

  3. sandrar, 10. September 2009, 9:33

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