New Research Methods Book by Alison Jagger

Alison Jagger is professor of philosophy and women’s studies at University of Colorado, Boulder. Her latest book looks great and useful: Just Methods: An Interdisciplinary Feminist Reader .

From the description:

Feminist research is a growing tradition of inquiry that aims to produce knowledge that is not biased by inequitable assumptions about gender and related categories such as class, race, religion, sexuality, and nationality.

Just Methods is designed for upper level undergraduate and graduate students in a range of disciplines. Rather than being concerned with particular techniques of inquiry, the interdisciplinary readings in this book address broad questions of research methodology. They are designed to help researchers think critically and constructively about the epistemological and ethical implications of various approaches to research selection and research design, evidence-gathering techniques, and publication of results.

A key theme running through the readings is the complex inter-relationship between social power and inequality, on the one hand, and the production of knowledge, on the other. A second and related theme is the inseparability of research projects and methodologies from ethical and political values. [emphasis mine]

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  1. JG, 17. December 2010, 16:55

    Alison demonstrated her social power in 1972 when she was my Intro to Philosophy
    prof at the University of Cincinnati. I wrote a paper, received a “D” and went to ask her about it. She said she couldn’t go over the paper with me, since she “burned it.” I became a best selling author and lecturer, and have told that story often. The moral? I was 18 years old. I had no policy in place regarding women in society. Jagger was a creep. Thank You. (By the way…if it’s a different Jagger, please disregard.)


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